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Front cover of the book, Adventure on Gallop Ghosts Islands
Adventure on Gallop Ghosts Islands follows a curious octopus named Olive, a fun-loving gray fox called Friend, and a funny blue-footed bird named Booby. Olive shares her ocean world with her new friends, and Friend gives a tour of his forest home, but Booby doesn’t know how to find the way back to his island home.

Each of the eleven short chapters is an adventure requiring teamwork and creative problem solving using each character’s unique skills to avoid danger, while the lovable Blue-footed Booby adds some fun with his clever riddles and jokes. The detailed illustrations leading into each chapter provide an exciting preview of what is about to happen.

Many of the characters’ unique talents may seem unbelievable, but are based in fact as demonstrated in videos referenced at the end of the story.

“I highly recommend this book for children of all ages! The characters are colorful & adorable, both descriptively & by illustration … Their friendship, teamwork & acceptance of each other’s diversity are important lessons. I even learned some facts about the creatures that I did not know!”

      — Kathy R.

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