About the Author

Mary-Betsy-Beach-512x512Mary Warner is a triathlete who loves to race and swim in the Atlantic Ocean. She has written countless unpublished stories about her experiences being an athlete, one of which inspired this collaboration. Her favorite thought while standing at the line between beach and ocean is, “There is a fine line between fear and excitement, and there is no other place I’d rather be.” This theme is woven throughout the story.

About the Illustrator

Rex_Elbowtree_Cropped_512x512Rex Heer created the illustrations for Adventure on Gallop Ghosts Islands. Rex lives in a log cabin he built in the woods in the hills overlooking the Des Moines River Valley. In addition to his artistic endeavors (primarily painting), he is an avid hiker, photographer, and nature lover. Rex based his visual characterization of Friend Gray Fox on the occasional glimpses of a gray fox trotting through his woods.

Mary-Rex-Book-signing2Mary and Rex at a book signing event following release of their first book, Adventure on Gallop Ghosts Islands.